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OneTouch Ultra Test Strips 25s

OneTouch Ultra Test Strips 25s

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Each cell in a human body depends on blood sugar to stay alive. Blood sugar is present in the body in the form of glucose, fructose and sucrose. Glucose is largely controlled by pancreas and liver functions. Any high deviation in the blood sugar can be fatal, so it is a must to keep a track of your blood glucose levels at home and on-the-go! OneTouch Ultra test strips help you do the same with near-to-accurate results.

These OneTouch test strips are ideal for use with selected OneTouch meters. They can be used for in-home diabetic patients and in healthcare institutions. These test strips can be used on the finger, palm and forearm.

The test strips can be used for calculative measuring glucose in CWBTS (Capillary Whole Blood True Sugar) as well as self-diagnosis in IVD Format. They provide results in all temperature conditions and require no coding for application.

Each pack comes with 25 testing strips. These strips come in well packaged vials and containers that keep them protected from damp conditions and sunlight.



OneTouch Ultra test Strips are used with the OneTouch Ultra 2 Meter as well as OneTouch UltraEasy Glucose Meter for quantitatively measuring glucose. These strips are intended for self checking your glucose results. It is proven to be safe for home as well as clinical use.




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