Omron BP Monitor 7120

Omron BP Monitor 7120

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1 Memory Function

Automatic Operation

Hypertension Indicator

LCD Display


OMRON HEALTHCARE INDIA is providing innovative medical technologies and products for Monitoring and Therapy. With Omron's competent "Bio-information Sensing" technologies, reliable and effective healthcare devices are guaranteed to enhance any health management regime. Whether you need to keep that hypertension in check or take the temperature of your child, you can confidently rely on Omron.

After all, company's mission is to contribute healthy and better lifestyle through enhancing customer satisfaction.

The products provided by OMRON HEALTHCARE INDIA includes home healthcare products- blood pressure monitors, body fat monitors, pedometers, digital thermometers, respiratory therapy devices, massage devices, and many other healthcare devices to help you enjoy a healthy living.

Adding to the product line is the professional category, which includes medical devices under the newly acquired Colin brand of Omron Healthcare Company. Colin range of products consists of Vascular Monitors and Professional BPMs.

Omron BP Monitor Upper Arm (HEM-7120) confines the latest technologies for measuring blood pressures with precise results. It is supplied with a big digital LCD screen that measures Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure levels with pulse rate.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor provides easy and comfortable upper arm blood pressure measurement.

Why is it a good thing to measure blood pressure at home?

Having your blood pressure measured by a doctor can cause anxiety which is itself a cause of high blood pressure. As a variety of conditions affect blood pressure, a single measurement may not be sufficient for an accurate diagnosis.

Many factors such as physical activity, anxiety, or the time of day can influence your blood pressure. Thus it is best to try and measure your blood pressure at the same time each day, to get an accurate indication of any changes in the blood pressure. Blood pressure is typically low in the morning and increases from afternoon to evening. It is lower in the summer and higher in the winter.

What is normal blood pressure? When is it above normal?

Readings in the range of 120- 129 Systolic and 80- 84 Diastolic are considered as ‘normal’. Readings above 140/90 are considered high.

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