Zinda Tilismath Unani Medicine 15ml PAck Of 3

Zinda Tilismath Unani Medicine 15ml PAck Of 3

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Zinda Tilismath is a 100% herbal medicine, used to treat many common ailments like cold, cough, and more




Uses of Zinda Tilismath Unani Medicine, 15 ml

Pain Relief

Key Benefits

  • Treats throat pain, body pain, headache, vomitings, stomach disorders, ear pain, tooth pain, etc
  • Made from selected herbs
  • Safe to use, no side effects

Directions for Use

  • For Cough, Cold & Coryza
    Take 10 drops in water, tea, coffee or betel leaves 2 times a day/Take10 drops and rub on neck, chest & nose, twice daily
  • For Throat Trouble
    Add 20 drops in 2-3 glasses of boiling water and inhale vapours through mouth. Paint the inside of throat with swab dipped in Zinda Tilismath

  • For Stomach Troubles (Treats Indigestion, Constipation, Flatulence, & Loose Motions)
    Add 12 drops to 30ml of water

  • For Headache
    Rub 8 drops on the forehead. Repeat after 2 hours, if necessary

  • For Sore Throat, Fever, Headache, Body pain, Vomiting, etc
    Take 8 drops in half cup of water 3X daily

Safety Information


Key Ingredients

Nilgiri Oil, Camphor, Thymol, Mentol, Ratanjoot

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