Velfour kit - B (880002)

Velfour kit - B (880002)

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Velfour Kit B (880002) is a 4 layered bandaging system used for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and lymphedema
Velfour provides high sustained compression therapy (HSCT) with 40mm Hg pressure at the ankle which reduces to 17mm Hg at the knee
Velfour maintains effective compression up to a week after application and has sufficient absorption capacity to manage exudates absorption for a week as well
There are 4 kits available in 2 sizes. Kit A and A Plus are for those having an ankle circumference between 18 and 25 cm. Kit B and B Plus are for those having an ankle circumference of over 25 cm.
Each kit has 5 components – a gauze/ dressing, orthopaedic wool, crepe bandage, compression bandage and a cohesive compression bandage. orthopaedic wool as a layer that aids in the protection of bony structures
The Plus kits have a Silvel Ultra antimicrobial dressing and the regular kits have a smart gauze. Silvel Ultra is a nanocrystalline silver treated antimicrobial wound contact layer and therefore antimicrobial solution need not be used prior to the application of the Plus kits


Velfour kit b (880002) contains : Bandage Function
Smart Gauze ● Non-adherent primary dressing as a wound contact layer
● Permits the passage of exudates into the outer absorbent
Velfour #1 ● Pads & protects bony prominences
Orthopaedic Wool ● Absorbs exudates & perspiration
● Evenly distributes pressure around limbs
Velfour #2 ● Adds extra absorbency
Cotton Crepe Bandage ● Compresses & flattens orthopaedic wool to distribute
compression effectively
● Preserves elastic energy (no compression)
Velfour #3 ● 1st layer of elastic compression sub-bandage Elastic Compression Bandage
Velfour #4 ● 2nd layer of compression
Cohesive Compression Bandage ● Cohesiveness retains bandage position
Velfour Plus ● High compression Type 3(c) bandage
High Compression Bandage ● Provides controlled and sustained compression
● Has a ribbed texture which allows easy application
without slippage
Silvel Flex ● Nanocrystalline Silver treated non-adherent
antimicrobial wound contact layer.

Velfour kit B's Benefits : Effective Compression : Velfour delivers approx. 40 mm
Hg pressure at the ankle, reducing
to 17 mm Hg at the knee
Graduated Compression : Velfour delivers higher
compression at the ankle, with
reducing compression at the calf
Sustained Compression : Velfour maintains effective level of compression even up to a full
week of application
Safety : Velfour pads bony prominences for protection and through the use
of layers, compression is built up gradually
Extended Weartime : Velfour has sufficient absorption capacity to manage exudates for
up to a full week without needing re-application
Cost Effective : Weekly dressing changes greatly reduce the nursing time & cost
required for the treatment of venous leg ulcers.

How to use Velfour kit B(880002) : ● Four layer dressing is effective in the healing of venous leg ulcers in the outpatient setting
with good patient compliance.

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