Thermoseal Proxa Ns 3 Or Ws 2 Brush 5 s Interdental Pack of 5x5

Thermoseal Proxa Ns 3 Or Ws 2 Brush 5 s Interdental Pack of 5x5

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Thermoseal proxa Interdental brushes for cleaning dental bridges, braces, and spaces between the teeth. Improved plastic-coated wire will ensure smooth inward and outward movement and better cleaning of interdental spaces. Rubber grip handle to avoid accidental slips.


Thermoseal proxa's Contains:

  • Thermoseal proxa is a tooth brush.

Thermoseal proxa's uses:

  • It helps to prevent plaque formatiom.
  • Thermoseal proxa helps tooth decay and bad breath problems.
  • Ns brushes cures the tooth sensitivity.

How to use Thermoseal proxa brushes:

While using Thermoseal proxa both a WS or NS brush, insert it carefully among your tooth. Don't force the Brush into tiny openings.
Begin from back of your mouth and at the outer row of teeth. Use repeated inside and outside motions in each interdental space. Do not use a twisting movement. Repeat technique from the inside row of tooth, anywhere the space permit.
Rinse your mouth after use and brush with your normal toothbrush.
Wash your Thermoseal Proxa Interdental Brush after use.
Change your Thermoseal Proxa Interdental brush once in a week. 


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