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Tetmosol Dusting Powder Anti-Fungal 50 Gm Pack of  4

Tetmosol Dusting Powder Anti-Fungal 50 Gm Pack of 4


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Absorbs excess sweat 

Relieves prickly heat 

Reduces skin irritation

Fights skin infections 



A profoundly infectious parasitic disease on the skin that shows up as a roundabout red fix. It might happen on scalp, neck or hands.


It normally starts between the toes and regularly happens in individuals whose feet become sweat-soaked because of tight shoes.JOCK'S Tingle

A somewhat infectious parasitic contamination that causes red and irritated rash in warm and soggy region of the body like crotch and inward thighs.

SWEAT and Stickiness
Perspiring vigorously or working in a warm and sticky climate builds the gamble of getting a parasitic contamination and public spots are in many cases wealthy in growths. Tetmosol Tidying Powder battles parasitic contaminations caused because of sweat and dampness collection.

Over the top Intensity
Sweltering weather conditions is among the most widely recognized triggers for rashes and disturbances brought about by thorny intensity. Tetmosol Tidying Powder really safeguards you against heat rash and different indications of thorny intensity.

UNHYGIENIC Circumstances
Our rushed work lives can make it challenging to keep away from unhygienic circumstances that might prompt undesirable skin contaminations. Tetmosol Cleaning Powder gives alleviation against parasitic diseases caused because of unfortunate cleanliness.

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