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Super Diet Virgin Coconut Oil 1000ml

Super Diet Virgin Coconut Oil 1000ml

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SUPER DIET® Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent source of naturally
occurring healthy saturated fats called MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides).
They are easily absorbed and serve as a quick energy source to brain and



Virgin Coconut oil is prepared by peeling the hand-picked coconuts, light drying and cold-pressed technology to collect the Virgin Coconut oil. The oil is then packaged in its unprocessed form to retain its’ aroma and nutrition. The purity is further substantiated by its natural melting point of 25℃; at temperatures below which the oil turns into solid state. SUPER DIET™ Virgin Coconut Oil helps enhance fat burning processes within the body, helping maintain good cholesterol levels and aids at improving brain function. The oil when applied topically helps replenish skin and nourish the hair.

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