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Psorolin-B Ointment 75gm Pack Of 2

Psorolin-B Ointment 75gm Pack Of 2

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Formulated with Boswellic acid and Red ochre which are strong anti-inflammatory agents. Psorolin B can be used in both inflammatory and remission phase of psoriasis. It reduces dryness and scaling and also acts on enzymes such as elastase that worsen psoriasis. Effective for all types of psoriasis



Apply Psorolin B ointment for psoriasis over the affected areas thrice a day. (OR) As directed by the physician.

Psorolin - B ointment for psoriasis is scientifically proven to

Inhibit pro-inflammatory mediators- TNF alpha, IL6,

Decrease elastase and collagenase enzymes which worsen the condition.

Decrease inflammation and associated pain

Scientifically analyzed the particle size and proven to have nano and charged actives.

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