Organic India  WWB 60 Caps

Organic India WWB 60 Caps

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WWB helps reduce inflammation & fluid retention.Supports Regular Menses, Fertility, Pregnancy & Lactation.

Protects against stress, Enhances immunity, Calming effect on Central Nervous System, Rich in antioxidants.

Prevents premature ageing,Improves stress tolerance, depression, post partum bleeding.




Organic India WWB- Women's Health-60 Capsules.

WWB contains health promoting herbs including a rich source of plant based estrogens, WWB is exceptional for promoting well being through all phases of a woman's life cycle.

Improves all female hormonal & reproductive functions.

Balances hormone levels.

Rich in phyto-estrogens.



  • It regulates the menstrual cycle and relieves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)


  • Rich source of plant based estrogen


  • Promotes well being through all ages of Woman's life cycle


  • Reduces Inflammation


  • Reduces the inflammation of sexual organs and is known to enhance sex drive in women


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