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NMFe Body Wash 150ml

NMFe Body Wash 150ml

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NMFe Body Wash provides the moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin. A Soap-free formulation for daily bathing/ cleansing of the skin. NMFe Body Wash restores skin's natural moisture. 


NMFe Body Wash contains :

Aloe Vera Extract and Oat Milk as active ingredients.

NMFe Body Wash’s Benefits:

- Oat Milk: Offers soothing and natural moisturizing effects. It also helps to relieve itching.
- Aloe Vera: Possess healing and skin softening property. The lather has a gentle and cleansing action on the skin.

HOW TO USE NMF E Body Wash :

• Apply NMFe Body Wash daily with wet skin during bathing/washing - Massage gently to form creamy lather and spread all over the body
• Keep for few minutes then rinse off with plenty of water
• Loofah can be used with caution especially around the damaged skin

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