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Alverise Rich Moisturising Cream 50gm

Alverise Rich Moisturising Cream 50gm

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Lysil Silicone Gel is made of high purity polysiloxane material and useful in treating hypertrophic scarring.It is very useful in treating new and old scars anywhere on the body.


Lysil Silicone Gel Contains:

Lysil Silicone Gel is derived from high purity polysiloxane material 

Lysil Silicone Gel Benefits:

  • It helps prevent scars on freshly healed wounds.
    Lysil Silicone Gel reduces prominent and immature scars.
    It has been clinically tested and proven to flatten, soften and smoothen scars.
    It relieves pain, itching and discomfort related to wounds.

How to Use Lysil Silicone Gel :

Apply Lysil SIlicon Gel on the affected area 2 times every day or as suggested by your physician.

Lysil Silicon gel can be applied on old and hypertrophic scars also.





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