Well Grow Anti Hair Loss Serum 60 ml

Well Grow Anti Hair Loss Serum 60 ml

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Well Grow hair serum has been carefully formulated to nourish your hair and stimulate your roots to grow. Well Grow hair serum's ingredients scientifically were proven to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss and protect hair damage from solar radiation.



Well Grow Anti Hair Loss Serum 60ML Contains:
Well Grow contains the active ingredients Kerarice obtained from rice grain containing a combination of phytic acid, amino acids, peptides & polysaccharides, and Baicalin extracted from Scutellaria baicalensis that are used together to treat and prevent hair loss and also to improve the condition of sun damaged hair. It also contains an extract of soy sprouts and wheat sprouts.

Well Grow Hair Serum's uses:

  • Well Grow Serum lessens the hair fall, What's more, gives assurance against the UV beams.
  • It feeds keratin and lipids and ensures hair surface.
  • Well Grow Serum is fit for advancing hair development and recoups the lost sparkle and delicate quality in hair.
  • It enhances the hair thickness and thickness. What's more, Protects the hair shading as well.

How To Use Well Grow Anti Hair Loss Serum:

  • To begin with, take the Well Grow Anti Hair Loss Serum from the jug utilizing the pump on clean palms.
  • Part your hair and apply the Well Grow Hair Serum to the scalp tenderly with your fingertips.
  • Keep rubbing till the serum totally spreads over the scalp.
  • Apply the Well Grow Serum twice everyday morning after a shower and before sleep time.

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