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Vitsera -plus serum 30ml

Vitsera -plus serum 30ml

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⦁ ✓ Vitsera Serum is a highly absorbable Vitamin C serum suitable for all ages and all skin types.
⦁ ✓ Vitamin C helps in the healing of skin and helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of environmental pollution and sunlight.
⦁ ✓ Regular use of this serum gives a beautiful glow to the skin and slows down the signs of aging like fine lines and pigmentation.


Vitsera Vitamin C Serum reduce fine lines, remove dark spots, wrinkles & discoloration. It can be used for all skin types. It makes skin brighter and smooth. Vitamin C also helps to hydrates skin

  • Vitamin C (Micronized): Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is important to many functions in the body. It is needed to grow and repair tissues throughout the body.
  • Kojic Acid: Its used for the people whose skin is sensitive to hydroquinone, the most typical active ingredient found in skin lighteners
  • Arbutin: It is therefore used as a skin-lightening agent. It is found in wheat, and is concentrated in pear skins

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