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Vitmain-C Orange 1000mg

Vitmain-C Orange 1000mg

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What Are Vitamin C 1000mg Effervescent Tablets?

Effervescent Vitamin C 1000mg Tablets are dissolvable refreshing, fruit flavoured tablets which make up into a drink containing a full gram of Vitamin C in a readily absorbable form. This product provides an alternative way of taking supplements especially for those who have difficulty in swallowing tablets.


What Are Vitamin C 1000mg Effervescent Tablets For?

May help maintain normal growth and development.
May improve the formation of collagen and help in tissue repair
May help enhance brain functioning
May work as an antioxidant and protect against free radical damage
May help maintain healthy hair
May improve the symptoms of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), bleeding gums, rough, dry, scaly skin
May enhance the healing process
May help reduce swelling and painful joints

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