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Venusia  200 ml moisturising lotion

Venusia 200 ml moisturising lotion

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Venusia Lotion is an excellent, long lasting moisturizer that keeps the skin supple and well hydrated in dry conditions. It heals cracks and dryness on the skin. Venusia Lotion moisturizes well without leaving skin greasy. Also, it smells quiet good and refreshes the skin.


Venusia Moisturising Lotion's contains: squalene, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Squalene is obtained from olive oil

Venusia Moisturising Lotionis Benefits: Venusia Moisturising Lotion is used for the treatment of Itchy skin, Dry skin, Diaper rash, Wrinkles, Rough skin and other conditions.

How to use Venusia Moisturising Lotion:

1.Cleanse skin with water and pat dry with a soft cloth
2.Apply considerable layer of the lotion all over the body and massage in circular motion, making sure to even out the lotion.
3. Re-apply as frequently as required

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