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Theraderm BB White SPF 50 Moisturiser 20gm

Theraderm BB White SPF 50 Moisturiser 20gm


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Theraderm BB White SPF 50 Moisturiser protects the skin from sunlight with the comprehensive defense system of 5 Layer protection based on scientific and clinical studies. Theraderm BB White SPF 50 Moisturiser also has a BB base to give you a perfect look by effectively sun block and radianting natural glow through skin whitening.


Theraderm BB White SPF 50 Moisturiser Ingredients: Micronized Titanium Dioxide & Micronized Zinc Oxide, Green Tea extracts, lycopene, tocopherol, Retinol, magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Pterostilbene and Niacinamide.

Five layer defense system of Theraderm BB White SPF 50 Moisturiser is as follows:

Layer 1: Sunblock
UVA rays (320-380 nm) penetrates deep into the dermis and affect collagen and elastin. This causes skin tanning as well as sagging and wrinkles.
Micronized ZnO (Zinc Oxide) provides UVA protection with PA +++. UVB rays (290-320 nm) are much stronger and are released onto the epidermis and hence causes burning of the skin.
Micronized TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) Provides UVB protection with SPF50.

Layer 2: Antioxidant

Oxidation by free radicals disrupt the cell functioning and causes damage to genetic material which results in breaking down of connective tissue of collagen and elastin causing wrinkles development.
Green Tea, Lycopene of Tomato, Tocopherol, Retinol, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, and Pterostilbene neutralize free radicals and retain youthful looks.

Layer 3: Whitening
Excess melanin is produced and travels to the outer layer of the skin as body’s natural protection from sun damage causing hyperpigmentation.
Niacinamide reduces the formation of excess melanin and also restricts it from traveling to the outer layer of the skin hence contributing to the whiteness of the skin.

Layer 4: Repairing
Even after so many precautions, the skin is likely to get damaged with the slightest of over exposure. Hence, Pterostilbene is required that acts as anti-inflammatory and antineoplastic in addition to antioxidant and has higher bioavailability resulting in metabolic stability of the molecule.

Layer 5: Natural Make Up Look
Sun damage leaves your skin red, pigmented and blemished. The base colour of the cream is specially made for all Indian skin types. This hides away inflamed and ageing spots by acting as a camouflaged natural colour makeup.

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