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Samahan Powder Sachets 50s

Samahan Powder Sachets 50s


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Samahan Powder is a concentrated, water soluble herbal preparation of selected medical herbs used over centuries in health care. The activities of indivibined in such a manner to proved the best effect covering a range of activities where some act as synergists, and some as bio-enhancers and natural preservatives stabilizing the product. The preventive effect of Samahan is due to the effect of the combination of 14 herbs. Samahan is most effective for analgesic, antipyretic, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory thus accounting in immediate relief.


Samahan Powder Contains: 

Adathoda, Java galangal, Ajowan, Coriander, Flase calumba, Cumin, Liquorice, Long pepper, Black pepper, Yellow berried nightshade, Ginger

Samahan Powder's uses:

  • This aromatic herbal preparation relieves migraines, headaches, and common colds.
  • Samahan Powder anti-inflammatory property is effective in easing stomach irritation, flatulence, and urinary infections.
  • Samahan Powder protects from metabolism and aids weight loss.

How to use samahan powder:

Take daily dosage as per your physician suggested.


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