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Q Sera Black 60ml

Q Sera Black 60ml

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Men lose hair in a well-defined pattern, beginning at the side of the forehead, and in some cases the hair begins to reduce at the crown of the head, and over time leads to complete baldness. Baldness is more common among men because the Dihydro testosterone levels in men increase the DHT levels on the scalp leading to baldness.

Different stages of hair fall pattern in women

Incase of hair fall pattern in women, the hair becomes thinner all over the head but rarely does the hairline recede.


  • Acetyl Tetra peptide- 3, Biochanin A having synergistic action- Inhibits 5 α reductase by which prevents miniaturization of hair follicle, stimulate ECM by which improves hair anchoring, reduces inflammation.
  • Milk based Bioactive signaling molecule- vitalizes the scalp cells,
  • Inositol & ethyl panthenol- Moisturizes hair & also prevents stress induced hair loss.
  • Regrows hair within 90-180 days.


Direction for use

  • Q-Sera Hair Serum must only be applied when the hair and scalp are completely dry. It is to be applied by the pump applicator.2 ml of Hair serum is to be used once daily.
  • Please note that 5 pumps are to be taken for taking out 1 ml Q-Sera. So, 10 pumps are to be taken for taking out 2 ml Hair serum.
  • Part your hair in several rows approximately.
  • Hold your hair away from the part as you apply Q-sera evenly along your scalp.
  • Apply with finger tip very gently all over the scalp.
  • To ensure the solution fully covers your scalp, you may rub Q-sera into your scalp (affected area) with your fingertips. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after applying Q-sera.
  • Don′t try to make up for missed applications of Q-sera. If you miss one day, resume your once-daily schedule the next day.
  • Q-Sera works best when you let it dry completely. Make sure you apply it early enough (1 to 2 hours) before going to bed. Don't wash off for at least 3 hours. For best results, use on a daily basis.

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