Pregakem Pregnancy Test Kit Pack of 4

Pregakem Pregnancy Test Kit Pack of 4


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Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit contains:
- One test device (card) - For pregnancy detection
One dropper- For collecting the urine sample
One silica gel pouch - Helps to keep the test device moisture free and safe from degradation


Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit helps to confirm pregnancy by detecting the presence of pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine produced by the body during pregnancy.
Salient features of Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit:
- Quick and easy way to confirm pregnancy detection
Allows self-confirming pregnancy in 5 minutes
How to use:
- Collect urine sample (preferably first urine in the morning)
- Put three drops of urine (using dropper given in the kit) into the sample well "S" on the card
- Read the results within 5 minutes
Observe the result window for the appearance of lines and interpret the result as:
1) Positive: If two distinct pink/red lines appear in the result window marked 'T' & 'C' on the card
2) Negative: If only one pink/red line appears in the result window marked 'C' on the card
3) Invalid: If no line appears in the result window or if one pink line appears in the result window marked 'T' on the card. It is recommended to repeat the test
4) If the test result is Negative, there are chances that the period has been miscalculated. Wait for one week and repeat the test
- Pregnancy detection
Safety information:
- Read the label/information leaflet carefully before
- Keep out of the reach and sight of children

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