Percos Hair Serum 60 ml

Percos Hair Serum 60 ml

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Percos Hair serum is a hair development serum which is improved with creams for the security of hair follicles.
Percos Hair serum reinforces delicate wavy hair and also hinders breakage. Percos Serum reinforces, secures and stays the hair follicles and animates hair development. Percos Hair serum averts re-event of hair issues by diminishing hair fall.




Percos hair serum 60ml Contains:
Percos Hair Serum Tablet contains Propylene Glycol as an active ingredient. 

Percos hair serum's benefits:

  • Percos hair serum smoothens your hair, 
  • soft and silky
  • Percos hair serum reducing hair fall 
  • frizz free and also adds shine.

How To Use Percos Hair Serum:

  • Take the Percos hair serum's on the palm
  • Rub tenderly on the influenced territory of the scalp with fingertips
  • Suggested amount per application per application: 1-2 ml or as required by the person
  • Proceed with customary use for best outcomes


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