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Norma Silicone Gel Sheets 10x10cm

Norma Silicone Gel Sheets 10x10cm

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NORMA Silicone Gel Sheet is a smooth sheet of Medical Silicone Gel. One of its surfaces is gently adhesive (tacky) and there is reinforcement on the other surface

For good results NORMA Silicone Gel Sheet must be used for more than 12 hours a day.
For maintaining hygiene it must be washed once daily as per the instructions.
For best results use beneath NORMA Compression Garments.
Should not be used on open wounds.


ost Burn Hypertrophic Scarring
If you go by the book it says that Hypertrophy is the enlargement or overgrowth of an organ or part due to increase in size of its constituent cells.

Specifically regarding the Post Burns cases the text books clearly state that formation of Hypertrophic Scarring of the skin is so common in the post burn cases that it can be considered as an essential part of the healing process.

The affected area has significant overgrowth and gradually turns from red to black. A pronounced itching sensation is a constant irritant for the patient

Available in six pre cut sizes
2.5 X 3.0 cm.
2.5 X 7.5 cm.
2.5 X 15 cm.
3 X 20 cm.
10 X 10 cm.
2.5 X 30 cm.

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