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NMF e moisturising cream 150gm ,Daily Moisturising Lotion 200Ml , Daily Moisturising Body Wash 150ml

NMF e moisturising cream 150gm ,Daily Moisturising Lotion 200Ml , Daily Moisturising Body Wash 150ml

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NMF E cream consists of Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E Acetate.
Aloe Vera has a role in increasing capillary blood circulation in dermis, hence skin nutrition of epidermis is improved and skin elasticity is maintained by collagen. Vitamin E has been used as an aid to control dry or chapped skin. Vitamin E has also found application as an aid in the relief of minor skin disorders such as burns, sunburn, and irritated skin.
NMF E cream has antioxidant properties that helps in protecting the skin. Vitamin E cream is indicated for relief of dry skin conditions, helps in skin rejuvenation, prevents sun-induced skin damage, wrinkles post acne scars and stretch marks.  


NMFe Body Wash is specially formulated daily moisturising body wash which restores skin’s natural moisture. It does not risk the skin mantle and revives skin’s natural hydro-lipid film. The product is suitable for daily use by all skin types across the different age groups.NMFe Lotion is the No.1 doctor recommended moisturising lotion in India. It is suitable for all skin types. The product can be used by both men and women. The non-sticky and quick-absorption formulation makes NMFe lotion easily spreadable to cover large skin areas. The product is ideal for regular post-bath moisturising, and its daily use keeps the skin soft, supple and healthyProduct Description.The product in the display is a skin cream that provides long-lasting moisturizing to ensure healthy and glowing skin. Furthermore, it comes in cream form for easy application. For proper results, pat dry the skin before application and spread the cream. The package contains one skin cream tube

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