MEPILEX Ag 10 x 10 cm 294100

MEPILEX Ag 10 x 10 cm 294100

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Model:  294100

Brand: Molnlycke Health Care


AntimicMinimizing trauma and pain

Mepilex Ag hurts less by:robial Foam Dressing with Safetac Technology

Mepilex® Ag combines the unique features of Safetac technology with the bacteria reducing power of silver. Mepilex Ag goes to work quickly, inactivating wound pathogens within 30 minutes and for up to 7 days. At dressing removal, Mepilex Ag does not stick to the wound or strip surrounding skin, minimizing patient pain and wound trauma.

  • not adhering to the moist wound bed
  • eliminating skin stripping
  • sealing the wound margins to
  • prevent maceration

Reducing bacterial burden

Mepilex Ag in action:

  • inactivates wound pathogens within 30 minutes
  • inactivates wound pathogens up to 7 days
  • inactivates a broad range of pathogens, including MRSA

Exudate management and other benefits

Mepilex Ag features many more important benefits:

  • excellent conformability
  • good exudate management properties
  • can be cut to suit various wound sizes and difficult-to-dress areas


Mepilex® Ag is designed for the management of a wide range of wounds including leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and partial thickness burns. Mepilex® Ag will effectively manage most exudate levels and can be used in conjunction with compression therapy.


  1. Gently cleanse the wound; dry surrounding skin. Mepilex® Ag will not adhere to a moist surface.
  2. Apply Mepilex® Ag directly onto the wound allowing the dressing to overlap onto the surrounding skin by at least 2 cm..
  3. Remove the release film and lay adherent side to the wound. Do not stretch. For lower limb applications position Mepilex® Ag slightly off centre so more of the dressing rests below the wound than above..
  4. Secure Mepilex® Ag in place with Mepitac®, Mefix® or other fixation device..,

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