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Lysil Silicone Gel - 10gm With Silicone Gel Sheet 5x5cm Combo

Lysil Silicone Gel - 10gm With Silicone Gel Sheet 5x5cm Combo

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Lysil Gel is formulated form of pure polysiloxane material material which has excellent bio compatibility with excellent handling properties. It delivers enhanced performance, preserves the skin elasticity and is colourless and odourless. When used as directed, Lysil Gel has been shown to flatten and smooth scars, relieves the itching pain and discomfort . It allows skin to breathe..

Uses / Indications: Red and raised old and new scars. Hypertrophic scars. Keloids. Treatment of erythema following resurfacing treatments with CO2 laser chemical peels and dermabrasions. Ideal for application on face hands and other exposed area as it leaves thin and smooth coating. As a prevention tool for excessive and abnormal after surgical procedures.


  • Helps with recovering from surgical procedures, burns and obtrusive scars etc
  • It is a silicone gel sheet is an effective method for scar management
  • It is designed to soften, flatten, fade red, dark or raised scars.

Its silicone sheets neutralise the scar's colour and flatten raised scars. A silicone sheet is soft and pliable and adjusts to body contours. They work well on scars caused by burns or surgery regardless of the age of the scar.


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