Lippu Oil 100 ml

Lippu Oil 100 ml

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Here we find Lippu a natural medicine in neutral base is very ideal in the management of melasma in pregnant women and amongst those who developed melasma as a result of melanocyte stimulating harmone therapy or after use of contraceptive pills.


Lippu Oil is a perfect solution to the problems of Dry skin, hyper melanosis, Lichen Planus, Ichthyosis, and Eczema

It offers quick recovery by control of itching, lichenisation and preventing further damage to the epidermis.

Melasma may also occur in young males due to harmonal activity. Lippu helps to arrest the abnormal production of

melanocytes at the outset and later restores normal melanocytic distribution.

The normal complexion is regained without any extra attention or the need for cosmetic support.

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