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Lemme Be Period Paties For Women Z Drip Max Size - S

Lemme Be Period Paties For Women Z Drip Max Size - S

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Use them during your periods. They are reusable so you can wash and reuse them again.

Note: Hand wash your Z drip in lukewarm water or machine wash your Z drip with other delicates. Hang to dry.


Why tolerate a painful period rash when you can hug your hip and relax?! Yep, Lemme Be Reusable Period Panties Z Drip Max is the period underwear you can ooze out all of your juices down there without a doubt! With a 120ml capacity, these super absorbent period panties keep you away from leaks for 6-8 hours. Made with 4 layers Lemme Be Z Drip Max is a smart sustainable choice. This reusable comfy solution consists of a sustainable cotton fiber body and 5% spandex for some stretch. The two layers in the middle are made of anti-pilling microfiber with wicking for extra absorption. It has a 100% breathable TPU layer to seal the drip!

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