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Lemme Be Basic Silicone Reusable Menstrual Cup For Women - Small

Lemme Be Basic Silicone Reusable Menstrual Cup For Women - Small

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  • Insertion: For a comfortable insertion, the cup needs to be folded in a U-shape. Keep it in place and insert the cup into your vagina, directing it towards your back. The cup once inserted will pop open inside for a leak-proof experience.
  • Removal: To remove the cup, squat or sit on the toilet and use your index finger or any finger with the thumb to pull the cup out. Angle the menstrual cup sideways to take out one half of the cup first followed by the other half ensuring the blood doesn't fall out of the cup.


Introducing the Basic Menstrual Cup by Lemme Be. After exhaustive research, Lemme Be has designed a solution to give you the most comfortable period ever! Created for GenZ, this Basic Cup has a unique tilted shape and protruding belly that allows it to hug your body. Made from medical-grade silicone, the Basic Cup is soft enough to roll as thin as your ring finger or a tampon. The Basic Cup is available in a cute little bag for a discreet trip to the bathroom, whenever, wherever.

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