Inlife Multivitamin And Minerals Nurtritab 60 Tablets

Inlife Multivitamin And Minerals Nurtritab 60 Tablets

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Helps to maintain stress levels

Keeps you active throughout the day

Helps to reduce hair loss

Promotes heart health


Vitamins and minerals are essential for your body to grow, develop and function normally.

INLIFE Multivitamin & Minerals Tablet is a safe and effective combination of essential vitamins and minerals to stay fit and healthy

This product helps to maintain healthy balanced diet that is very much essential in our lives. It is formulated with 12 vitamins and other synergistic nutrients that enhance absorption and utilization.

Individuals who are unable to consume an adequate amount of nutrients from their daily diet need to fulfill their requirement through supplements like multivitamins. B complex vitamins boost energy and help in maintaining healthy nervous system, hair, skin and nails.

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