IKnow Combo Pack  Get Two ICan Free 1N IKnow2N ICanOffer Pack

IKnow Combo Pack Get Two ICan Free 1N IKnow2N ICanOffer Pack

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I-know Ovluation test kit detects those 2 days of the month when the chances of conception are highest for any woman.It assists you in targeting the right time to enhance your chances of motherhood. i-know is a convenient way of ensuring that you optimize your chances of getting pregnant by knowing your ovulation time, thus knowing your fertile period and accordingly plan the time of intercourse during this predetermined fertile phase. i-know is an ovulation kit which can be used to check if ovulation has started. This is a one step rapid test for the detection of the Luteinizing Hormone which is released during ovulation. A single step ovulation detection kit, I-sure tells a woman the best 2 days in a month when chances of getting pregnant is highest. It contains 5 single use strips which contain slots and windows to display results. If you are a woman wanting to know your 2 best days when you can become pregnant, Simply drop 2-3 drops of urine in the 'S' marked slot on the strip, and read the result in the 'results' window within 3-5 minutes! Perform the test within 10 am to 8 pm. What time of the day should I test? Test around noon time (12 noon) or later because LH is synthesized in the morning, making it much more likely to show up in afternoon urine.So for best results, fix up a time around 12 noon or later & collect the urine at the same time each day. If the need be, repeat the test at the same time on subsequent days. Interpreting the results If you get a positive result, it means that there is a Luteinizing Hormone (LH) release which indicates that you may ovulate within the next 24-48 hours. A negative result means that the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) release has not been detected...hence you should continue the daily testing. Not every woman ovulates mid-cycle hence you may not necessarily observe a positive result in the first five days after testing.
GET 2 I-CAN (one step pregnancy test device) FREE INSIDE.



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