Health Aid Conergy One A Day 30mg Caps

Health Aid Conergy One A Day 30mg Caps

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 Conergy is Coenzyme Q10 (Co-Q-10) Capsules, also called Ubiquinone, is found in the mitochondria of all living cells and is concerned with the biochemistry of converting food energy into cellular energy.

 Co-Q-10 is also beneficial for the heart and immune system.

 Conergy Capsules is specially formulated by dissolving Co-Q-10 in Soya Oil.  This process optimises absorption and utilisation by the body cells and helps release natural energy from within.


Co-Q-10 Capsules can be used to help:

Generate energy and endurance by rejuvenating cellular mitochondria. Protecting against heart disease and related problems.

Protect cells against oxidative damage through a powerful antioxidant action, offering nutritional support for improved immune response.

Control hypertension and blood pressure disorders.

Reduce damage due to hypoxic injury (tissue damage by lack of oxygen).

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