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Furocyst For PCOS Management Capsules

Furocyst For PCOS Management Capsules


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Raised levels of testosterone - a hormone often thought of as a male hormone, although all women normally produce small amount of it.
Raised levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) - a hormone that stimulates ovulation, but may have an abnormal effect on the ovaries if levels are too high.
Low levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) - a hormone that helps reduce the effect of testosterone.
Raised levels of prolactin (only in some women with PCOS) - a hormone that stimulates the breast glands to produce milk in pregnancy.
This suggests there may be a genetic link to PCOS, although specific genes associated with the condition have not yet been identified.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a problem in which a woman has female sex hormones imbalance. It can cause irregular or delayed periods and make it difficult to get pregnant. PCOS may also cause unwanted changes in the way you look. If it is not treated, over time it can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.


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