Fresubin Meal Replacement Powder Dm 400Gm

Fresubin Meal Replacement Powder Dm 400Gm

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FRESUBIN Nutritionally Balanced Meal Replacement with Vanilla Flavor provides all essential Vitamins and Minerals.


Fresubin Meal Replacement Powder Dm contains:

Dietary Fiber
Protein Packed
Energy Ingredients

Fresubin Meal Powder's Benefits :

1.Fresubin Maximizes Nutrient Delivery to muscles.
2.It Improves the infants metabolism.
3.It Relieves Constipation.
4.Fresubin provides sufficient Energy and keeps you satiated.

How to use Fresubin meal powder:

To prepare one Serving (225ml) = 50g of FRESUBIN-DM powder in 185ml of cold potable water.
1 to 2 times (50g) per day or as suggested by healthcare professional. Can be used as: Sip feeding and Tube feeding


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