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Dermadew Diaper Cream PACK OF 2

Dermadew Diaper Cream PACK OF 2

Diaper cream

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Dermadew Diaper cream forms a protective layer on your boby's skin to soothe heal and prevent diper rash.

ZIncoxide Fortified with specific emollients moisturises and skin nourishers 


Dermadew Diaper Cream contains zinc oxide, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, white soft paraffin, and Vitamin E. Zinc oxide has antiseptic properties, which help in healing and soothing irritated skin due to rashes. It also uses aloe barbadensis leaf juice has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Vitamin E ensures that baby skin is free of harmful bacteria. White soft paraffin locks the moisture in the skin. The Dermadew cream prevents diaper rashes and heals sore skin. The diaper rash cream can also be used on sensitive skin as well.

Directions for use:
1. Clean baby diaper area with water or baby wipes
2. Allow the area to dry off 3. Apply a layer of the diaper rash cream onto the area 4. Leave the affected area uncovered for some time 5. Avoid the sensitive areas

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