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Coloplast Alterna 1973 LongWear Light 60mm 5pcs

Coloplast Alterna 1973 LongWear Light 60mm 5pcs

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Base plate for post-surgical care and protection.


The Alterna Long Wear base plate has the Curagard adhesive which is thin and elastic, which enables it to follow the contours and movements of the skin, guaranteeing the base plate's secure hold to the skin. At the same time, it acts as a skin barrier preventing the ostomy output to get in contact with the skin, reducing skin irritation. Due to the soft Curagard adhesive with bevelled edge and the elastic coupling material, the base plate is flexible and will easily follow the movements and contours of the body. The high flexibility offers the user more freedom of movement and a greater feeling of security, thereby increasing the quality of life. 



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