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Coloplast 4720 Barrier Cream Pack Of 3

Coloplast 4720 Barrier Cream Pack Of 3

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Comfeel Coloplast Barrier Cream (60ml) is the perfect treatment for dry or irritated skin that is exposed to wounds exudate. This liquid-repellent cream softens skin for the fast healing process. Containing the pH buffer, it restores the exact pH value for better treatment. It maintains the PH value at 5.5 and prevents damage to the skin.


The Coloplast Comfeel Barrier Cream is a perfect treatment for dry or disturbed skin, brought about by twisted exudate from the encompassing skin.

The cream is exceptionally fluid anti-agents.

It relaxes the skin and contains a pH cushion that reestablishes the right pH estimation of the skin, forestalling harm of the skin.

Application territories:

- Protects encompassing skin presented to wound exudate.

Step by step instructions to Use:

- Gently rub an extremely slim layer onto clean skin.

- Remove overabundance cream with a tissue.

- Let it dry for a couple of moments before applying cement.

The cream is accessible in a volume of 60 ml.

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