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Cobra Magnum Pepper Spray 35 Gms 55ml Pack Of 10

Cobra Magnum Pepper Spray 35 Gms 55ml Pack Of 10

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Type Single Pack
Feature For Purse/Carry Bag
Good For Women
Brand Cobra
Size 35 g
Main Features 1 Size: 35 gm
Main Features 2 Effective upto 12 feet
Main Features 3 Carry in Bag/Purse';


It is primarily meant for WOMEN/ LADIES use. However, it can be equally useful to other segments like Senior Citizens, Businessmen, Shopkeepers, Cashiers, Bank Security staff, Neighborhood, Watch Teams, ATM Security, Air Marshalls, Jewellery Shops & other such soft targets for criminal elements. It is easy to use and has “Turn On” and “Turn Off” mechanism to ensure safety against accidental discharge and instant activation when required. There is no need to remove the protective cap or set the nozzle before use. All preset. Just aim and shoot, without wasting even a split of a second, most vital when under attack. It comes with a Key Ring for easy access and carrying convenience. Although the product is not gender specific, its pink color blends very well with cosmetics as ladies keep in the purse/ bag.,

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