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Anagen grow Unique Hair Serum 100ml

Anagen grow Unique Hair Serum 100ml

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A unique hair growth serum with EGCG like activity, clinically proven to increase the anagen (growth) phase of hair and thereby increase hair growth. Specially formulated with six powerful herbs like Amla, curry leaves, henna, Indigo, false daisy and hibiscus in an aqua base. An ideal partner for minoxidil users to prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle. This product is a winner in your haircare game.


Clinically proven to offer 72% reduction in hairfall 88 % reduction in hair damage 76% growth in Anagen hair In 12 weeks clinical trial on human volunteers with Anagen grow hair growth serum use
Hair growth studies have shown that Anagen grow hair growth serum reduces completion time of hair growth by 30 %.
Northern blot analysis shows that Anagen grow hair growth serum will increase the protein synthesis required for hair growth.

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