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Albumen Care 400 gm ( Mango Flavour )

Albumen Care 400 gm ( Mango Flavour )

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ALBUMEN CARE 400 gm is a powder dietary supplement and functions as a recuperation build. It bolsters pressure reaction to damage, as there is expanded requests for Protein amid contamination. It is healthfully adjusted and accommodating for expanded dietary necessities.


Free Product: You will receive a tumbler with the product. 



Albumen Care's Ingredients:

ALBUMEN CARE Powder is for oral utilize: protein 656 g, starch 8.5 g, glutamine 2 g, arginine 800 mg, lycopene 4.5 mg, carotenoids 15 mg, docosahexaenoic corrosive 100 mg, Biotin 65 mcg, folic corrosive 100 mcg, niacinamide 18 mg, calcium d-pantothenate 5.5 mcg, vitamin A 2000 mcg, vitamin B1 1 mg, vitamin B12 1 mcg, vitamin B2 6

Albumen Care's Benefits:

      • Bolster pressure reaction to the disease.
      • Albumen Care keeps the loss of fit weight.
      • Gives 65% egg whites advances speedier recuperation.
      • Albumen Care empowers wound recuperating.
      • With a mango season solid tin of 200gm.

How to use Albumen Care's:

Take Albumen Care powder in a shaker provided with this pack. Include 1 scoop of egg whites in it. Blend it by shaking. Top it up with drain and blend it by shaking to make a scrumptious reviving beverage.

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